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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newest Basketball Sim Review Buzzerbeater


This week I move from my favorite Basketball Manager Sim the other ones I have tried and play. My reviews will be mostly positive because I like all but 1 of these 5 Sims I found; that I thought worth trying. This review is on the simulator

League games and Country Cup matches. National Teams

I will rate it out of 10 in these 8 areas. Graphics, Tactics, Training,
Game Engine, Forum, Supporter Advantages, Fun, Up-coming Improvements.



#2 (9) Overall Rate

Graphics: (10) are the best of all 5 Sims I play. Even non-supporters
get player faces, with user friendly links to stats and information.
The whole game is very well designed.

Tactics: (9) are good. You pick player positions,and can also pick the position they guard. The offense you choose combined with the defense they are facing determines who gets the most looks. You set 1st, 2nd string, as well as reserves. Then you tell your coach how you want him to sub your players or give him free reign to decide. Offense and Defensive tactic choices are yours.

Training: (8) you can choose Team or Individual training. The thing with this Sim is you should decide "which of my players have the most potential combined with youth" and pick specific positions to train. Work your bigs, back-court, or SF's, and then concentrate whole seasons to your choices. I understand the concept but I hate to go whole seasons with-out working all my players. You do get results and can switch more often if you like.The level of the Trainer you have is a big factor in training results.

Game Engine: (10) is good. Easy to read when you watch games. Descriptive play calling. You can chat with other players during games. Shot Chart, Box Score, and Quick Link to current game stats. Sometimes things happen that are hard to understand; like scoring in short amounts of time, and player shot selection. But I enjoy watching games.

Forum: (7) I do not like the format and rarely use the forum. Subjects are here and there, to me its a mess. I suggested Forum formats from other Sims, and non-sport Sims for them to look at. The Mods/GM's are active and so are the players. I take my issue's or questions to other team managers using pm's.

Supporter: (9) there are some advantages to being a supporter. More games is one. More stats, Join Private Leagues. But as far as game-play no real advantage. Usual safe ways to pay.

Fun: (10) They have many contests and I really enjoy this Sim. It is probably the largest amount of users off all the Sims I play. Eg. of a contest. right now members are asked to pm a Sports writer and try to get him to mention the Sim in his articles. I off-course have tried.

Up-coming Improvements: defensive strategy is becoming more user-friendly not only can you pick 2-3 zone etc. but even decide the spots the player defends.Revised bankruptcy rules, New Ads for players your selling, new fair revenue incomes from TV contacts and Team merchandising. They are working very hard to keep improving the game.

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